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Support is free, confidential, and non-judgemental

A wide range of different people refer families to their local Home-Start for support. We receive referrals from health visitors, GPs, social care and child care practitioners as well as those involved in mental health services, education, early years and probation.

To make a referral to a Home-Start you should contact us directly.

Around 17% of the families we support refer themselves. We help families with young children through a combination of home visiting support, group support and social activities. We match the needs of the family with trained volunteers who provide emotional and practical support.

Support is free, confidential, and non-judgemental. Home visiting volunteers call by every week, for a couple of hours, for as long as the family needs support, or until the youngest child starts high school.

If you are working with a family who you think could benefit from the support of Home-Start you should:

Discuss Home-Start with the family – they must agree to receive support.

Once you have referred a family to Home-Start we will set up an initial visit with the family to discuss their needs

  • Carefully match the skills and experiences of a volunteer to the needs of the family
  • Introduce the volunteer to the family
  • Let you know when Home-Start support starts and ends
  • Keep you informed about the progress 
  • Monitor and assess their support

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