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There are lots of ways you can help your children be ready for their first day at school.

Our Big Hopes Big Future pages and downloads will give you some tips, activities you can try, and games you can play with your children. All of them will help be ready for school, and make that first day less scary.

Home-Start UK has created activity cards you can download and print off, and we’ve split them up into four categories so it’s easy to find the one you’re looking for. The activity cards have extra information on them, like the names of books you could borrow from the library or buy from a bookshop.

*Downloads will be available soon.

Building routines

Having set routines really helps children to manage their day and is a really important part of getting children ready for school.

Fun and games

Using games, songs and play is the perfect way to help your children learn new things and make sure they are ready for school.

Keeping clean

Being able to keep themselves clean, wash their own hands and use the toilet on their own are things that children should be able to do before their first day at school.

Reading and writing

Recognising their name and the letters of the alphabet is the first step in your child learning to read, here are some simple ways you can help them.

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